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At QUP, we help you show the world your uniqueness, or as we like to call it, your inner light. We bring access to the most qualified fashion industry professionals from around the world, to the comfort of your own home. Book for a quick look at a specific outfit, or have a broader discussion about your current closet and overall style, what it means to you, and how to achieve the look that makes you feel confident and amazing.

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You don’t need a closet full of clothes. We believe less is more. We teach you how to use staple items and your own closet, reducing cost and supporting sustainability, while looking, and feeling your very best. Book today and let QUP “Style Your Light”.

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Comfy layers. Vintage. Up-Beat. Laid-back.

We can help your light shine
no matter your mood.

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Featured Stylists

Brandi Quinn

Hollywood Stylist

Atlanta, Georgia
One of the most powerful stylists in Hollywood

Anjum Farah


Tamil Nadu, India
Whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday look my objective is to make people look and feel their best

Giulia Buongiovanni

From The City of Gucci

Pistoia, Italy
“…if you feel good, comfortable, and beautiful in what you’re wearing, people will note it.”

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