Stylist Yurga Juozapa

As a well-traveled fashion stylist, Yurga’s experience spans from communications studies in Paris to writing fashion columns, and working in fashion offices in Los Angeles. Ultimately leading to the opening of her own jewelry company, JUNETHINGS, keeping her in touch with the newness of the fashion industry.

Let Yurga help you become you, today!

Los Angeles, California

Languages: English, French

Making Famed Fashion Familiar

Yurga’s personal styling is holistic: it requires decluttering, a strategy for buying new pieces, curated inspiration, and some life hacks. The rest is tailored to you and what life goals you’re dressing for next.
She is a bit of a shopping-your-own-closet fan & working on a subconscious level – why do you like certain things and how do they define you.  Your clothing, jewelry & looks need to inspire you, bring joy, and give you wings to achieve your dreams.  Also, it needs to be comfortable. And getting ready doesn’t have to consume more than 15 minutes of your day – that means we need to simplify, streamline, and make your wardrobe work for you.  Among attitude, inspiration, and collaborative action, we keep this approach feeling super fun.
Feedback from Clients:

“Dressing up in comfortable – uplifting – elegant clothes will make you feel better. Yurga truly knows how to makes this your reality.”

“She is your perfect stylist. Her jewelry has [a] magic energy and so many meanings and makes your days brighter. The style advice she gave me – is something I really appreciate and cherish. She came up with this fun term “lockdown sexy” that improved not only my own perception of myself but also my relationship with my boyfriend. Highly recommended!”

Style Your Light

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