Brandi Quinn

Hollywood Stylist

Atlanta, Georgia

With more than 182 titles under her belt, Brandi brings style, body positivity, and know-how to every person she works with.

QUP Style - Anjum Profile

Anjum Farah

Indian Film Industry Veteran

Tamil Nadu, India

Whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday look my objective is to make people look and feel their best.

Giulia Buongiovanni

From the City of Gucci

Pistoia, Italy

“…if you feel good, comfortable, and beautiful in what you’re wearing, people will note it.”

Joanna Kou

London, United Kingdom

Finding style for every woman is my passion.

Eugénie Torroella

More beauty and harmony in your life

New York, New York

Eugénie loves helping people find clothing and outfits that make them feel most at ease and resonates with who they are.

Flynn McQuiston

happier, more confident

Portland, Oregon

I know from personal experience how much liking your appearance can affect you. It can make you happier, more confident, and can help to make a great impression. It is my mission to help others become their best selves through their style.

QUP Style - Amy Profile

Amy Connolly

Your London Fashion Week

Manchester, United Kingdom

Clothes should be adored and treasured, and most importantly make you feel at your very best whilst wearing them. You can be well dressed, and on-trend without having to purchase large volumes of clothing.

Ishika Shah

Luxury Styles for You

Delhi NCR, India

I look forward to spilling some creativity with confetti around here, with lots of positivity and confidence your way!

Esie Kangal

Fashion Designer at your Fingertips

London, United Kingdom

With a background styling service liaising with luxury and high-end brands such as Chanel, Roland Mouret, Galvan, and many more, Esie adds more sophistication and chic to your style.

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