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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I create an account?  Click on “My Account” or the icon in the upper right corner of the home page.  Enter your information and submit.  Visit your email to complete the process by creating a password and logging into the account.
  2. Can I search anywhere?  Yes.  Our directory is global.  Anyone who has a listing will show within an open or specified area search regardless of your location.  
  3. Can I upgrade my listing?  Yes.  The upgrade process is not pro-rated, so we recommend upgrading at the end of your 30-day payment period.  
  4. What is the difference between and account and a listing?  Everyone has an account including businesses and customers.  Businesses can add listings.
  5. What is the refund policy?  All sales are final.
  6. I am a business owner.  Can I post more than one listing?  Yes.  Within an account, an account holder has the option of posting as many listings as needed.  For example, if the account holder is a salon owner, multiple listings may be added, one for each staff.  Pricing is per listing and the account is always free.
  7. Why are my pictures not loading?  Picture size should be 200×300 meg or smaller.  This will also ensure your page loads quickly for a customer.
  8. I added a listing, now what?  Go to your email and create a password for your account.  Log into your account and you will have access to develop both your listings and your personal page.