Inspired by a Passion for Confidence.

In 2020 QUP launched as an accessible virtual fashion styling company focused on helping individuals find greater meaning in their clothing. QUP supports sustainable methods with particular focus on building self-confidence and body positivity.  We believe fashion provides a creative space to show individuality and a place for uniqueness to shine through.

We found this message resonates across all of fashion, leading QUP to expand our reach, providing clients direct access to professionals throughout the industry and across the globe.  Personal style tells a story and shows the world what we like to call, your inner light.

Brandi Quinn, Chief Creative Officer

Brandi, a costume designer, and stylist, has been working in the Hollywood film industry for 15 years. You can see her work in The Hunger GamesStranger ThingsThe DirtThe Walking DeadDrop Dead DivaThe Originals, and many more. Brandi has earned the opportunity to work with some of Hollywood’s most iconic actors and actresses, building a breadth of styles that can walk the red carpet, to costumes that can completely transform you.  Her styling advice? Sometimes it’s just small changes that can make the biggest difference – minimize and accessorize – that’s key. She adds, “I absolutely love helping people see how amazing they can look and feel … what better than to walk out the door feeling completely confident and showing the world who you are at every turn.”


Marie Quinn, Managing Director

Marie has a 20-year background in executive leadership, including spearheading entrepreneurial ventures.  Marie has dedicated her career to helping others through opening doors to learning opportunities, with a constant focus on decision making that promotes self-confidence and mentorship.  Marie’s own personal experience of how her sister assisted her in finding personal style led to the launching of QUP.  Marie states, “It’s amazing what fashion can do for you.  Tell your story, show your uniqueness, who you are and what you stand for, live your truest self.”


Global Advisory Council

Anjum Farah, Tamil Nadu, India Giulia Buongiovanni, Pistoia, Italy
Amy Connolly, Manchester, England Ishika Shah, Delhi NCR, India
Eugenie Torroella, New York, United States Joanna Kou, London, United Kingdom
Flynn McQuiston, Oregon, United States